RD Health Ingredients LLC is dedicated with professionals and experienced experts on botanic and pharmaceutics, Biochemistry to research and develop new products, work out application challenges, guarantee superior quality and enhance manufacturing capabilities. 

To develop foreign market, we are trying to applying for the certifications. Teamwork is our way of life. Efficient and Excellent employees are our most valuable asset. The principles we have been persisting in are to take Market Needs as Our Working Target, Customers’ Benefits as Our Working Goal and Reliable Quality as our Surviving Base. Health and Happy, Profession and Innovation, are the core of our company culture. 

GMP Standard Facilities

RD strives to make all of our ingredients in GMP standard. All of our raw materials are produced at modern, state-of-the-art facilities. For more information contact us today!

Third Party Testing

The production lot is free from all known sources of contaminants, and is subject to further UV, GC, HPLC and microbiological analysis during the different steps of the production processes. We frequently use third party testing services to guarantee accuracy, such as SGS, Eurofins, Pony and so on. 

Raising the Bar for the Industry

RD closely works together with our contracted farmers worldwide to ensure that sustainable supply of our raw material. Farmers pursue natural growing environment and follow practices that result in increased biodiversity and soil productivity, to provide us the purest and natural herb raw materials.

Only the Best is Accepted

Our commitment to perfection can be proved in every step of our manufacturing processes. Expert botanists meticulously examine all of our raw materials. They test the qualities (touch, outward appearance, odor and taste) to ensure accurate species identification and measure overall potency of each lot. Raw materials that do not meet our strict quality standards are rejected.