RD Health Ingredients’ Chaga mushroom extract is extracted from chaga mushroom, and the part of used is fruitbody. Siberian Chaga extract, firstly, pulverized, water used as the extraction solvent, concentrate and spray drying in GMP standard workshop, GMO-free and Non-irradiation.Recent study show that chaga mushroom extract powder to be a powderful anti-oxidant, useful in fighting tumors, and an excellent stumulant for the immune system. 

Chaga mushroom grow mainly in the birch betulinic acid has been shown to be an effective as an anti-inflammatory, anti-malarial, and even anti-HIV chemical. Because the chaga mushroom grows on the birch trees, it holds a high concentration of betulinic acid. betulinic acid is currently being studied for its potential in chemotherapy drugs. also like other medicinal mushroom, such as shiitake, cordyceps, and others. And at the same time, chaga mushroom contains rich nutritions, such as lupeol, trametenolic acid, inotodiol, ergosterol and others act directly to reduce inflammation in the body.

  • Wellness & Immune
  • Cardiovascular
  • Anti- Cancer
  • Anti-Diabetes
  • Anti-Hepatitis
  • Decreases in high blood pressure 
  • Liver Support
  • Anti-fatigue and energy booster
  • Anticancer effects and  immune enhancement
  • Affected carbohydrate metabolism and promoted insulin secretion
    • BOTANICAL ORIGIN: Inonotus Obliquus
      • β-glucan 1-3/1-6 30%
      • Triterpene 1%, 3%, 6%
      • Polysaccharides 30%, 50%
    • CULTIVATED OR WILD: Wild-crafted in Tibet and Xinjiang 
    • APPEARANCE: Red brown fine powder 
    • SAFETY & QUALITY: GMO free, BSE/TSE free, allergen free
    • SHELF LIFE : 3 years 
    • TASTE : Astringent 
    • SOLUBILITY : Super water soluble 
    • PACKAGING MATERIAL : 25kg/Fiber Drum
    • PRODUCT CERTIFICATION : Kosher, Halal 
    • RECOMMENDED SERVING : 500mg of powdered Extract/Day

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