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RD Health Ingredients® is a comprehensive, innovative and quality driven company manufacturing and distributing high quality botanic extract and natural source ingredients, which are widely applied in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, food, bio-agricultural, animal industry, and other fields. 

RD Health Ingredients® has 2 manufacturing plants located in Shaanxi, and Sichuan Province. Modern production equipment guarantees for a fast and effective production with a superior degree of accuracy throughout the whole production line-everything is done in-house (extraction, custom blending, mixing, granulation, laboratory testing, stability testing and all kinds of packaging in 100,000-grade Cleaning Room) ensuring maximum quality and efficiency. 

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Thanks for visiting our website; friends from all over the world are welcome to contact us and we hope to provide you with premium products and satisfactory services.

We are proud of our R&D center, there works a team of professional researchers dedicating to the principle of innovation and preciseness. We have close relationships with China Pharmaceutical University and Bioengineering Institute of Shaanxi Normal University. Joint research efforts and technology sharing with these universities has greatly supported our development of customized products and enables us to offer you a variety of complex compounds.