Welcome to RD Health Ingredients®

RD Health Ingredients® is a fast growing innovative and quality-driven company, manufacturing and distributing the highest-quality natural herbal extracts, Chinese herb raw material powder, and natural health ingredients. RD Health Ingredients® strives to identify, develop and produce Active Ingredients from Botanicals/Herbs, with the science-based professional R&D team, GMP Standard Factory and Advanced Quality Testing Center, to guarantee our products safe, qualified and sustainable to apply in the industry of nutraceutical, Beverage, Functional Food, bio-agriculture, animal nutrition, and pharmaceuticals. RD Health Ingredients® is able to offer Chinese herb solutions to suit our customers needs, and also create customized solution to develop innovative products, provide cutting-edge technologies, and safety-efficient logistical systems for each and every one of our customers. 

The Highest Quality Products

RD Health Ingredients® plays an integral role in promoting the development of new, clinically-studied ingredients, for condition-specific applications, such as: