Why Herbal Extract Ingredients?

Do you know how many species of higher plants around the word ? Over 500,000 species,of which around 70,000 serve as a basis for plant-based medicine or drugs. 

Much as applications for vegetables,while their active ingredients vary.They all share one common feature: they are extremely sensitive substances which have to be treated correspondingly gently by the biotechnical process used to obtain them. It is the first reason why we need herbal extract,only specific and technical craft could extract the active ingredients from the raw plants.

Gift from the Nature

Besides, the concentration and the delicate structure of the valuable substances in the same plant growing in different area vary, due to soil activity and alkalinity, pH of water, climatic conditions, and man-made influence during the growing. The efficacy of a pharmaceutical product also depends on adequate and consistent dosage of the active ingredients, so standardized plant extract is of huge significance to the global market.We extract each herb separately according to the characteristics of the plant. This is important because every botanical plant is unique in the way it reacts to the extraction process.

What’s the most important, extract powder are easily assimilated into the body and are convenient to use in the Pharmaceutical and health care products industry,as well as family consumption. And extracts have a long shelf life, lasting 2 to 5 years when stored properly.


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