Trans-Resveratrol-Lycopene Combination showed significant reduction in foot ulcers in diabetic patients

LIGHTHOUSE POINT, Fla., May 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — A controlled human trial comparing a placebo to a patented form of lycopene and trans-resveratrol (t-RSV) formulation, found in MedVitál® Bio-Resveratrol®, showed significant reduction in foot ulcers in diabetic patients. Orebro University Hospital and School of Health and Medical Sciences, Orebro Sweden, conducted the study entitled “Resveratrol Promotes Foot Ulcer Size Reduction in Type 2 Diabetes Patients.” The study showed a significant reduction in the size of ulcers in the t-RSV group compared to the placebo. TheInternational Scholarly Research Notes Endocrinology published the results. Click here to view the full study with photos.”The Orebro University study has profound implications for the increasing diabetic population that suffers severe and persistent chronic ulceration in the body,” noted Dr. Ivan Petyaev, MD PhD, one of the researchers involved in the study. “For many of these patients, wound control is a primary goal. To date, there is no other treatment approach to this prevalent condition that is the leading cause of lower limb amputation in the world.” 

Breakthrough Study Shows New Trans-Resveratrol-Lycopene Combination Is A Game Changer For Diabetic Patients

Twenty-four participants with newly diagnosed diabetic foot ulcers (15 males, 9 females) were divided into placebo and t-RSV-treatment groups.  Each group was given a either a placebo or the lycopene-trans-RSV combination twice a day for 60 days (in the same daily dosage sold in over the counter in one MedVital® Bio-Resveratrol™ capsule) on top of regular care and general diabetes treatment.  At the end of the treatment period, the reduction of diabetic ulcer size was almost complete (95%) closure in the t-RSV group, significantly better as compared to the placebo (50%).  T-RSV patients also demonstrated improved performance in the foot pressure test.  The researchers note that these results need to be confirmed and further evaluated in larger clinical trials.

“This first trial offers new hope that that diabetic patients suffering from chronic ulceration now have a simple, effective over-the-counter option… as simple as taking a daily nutritional supplement. This alone makes this study truly groundbreaking,”

added Greg Horn, CEO of Specialty Nutrition Group, Inc., owner of the MedVitál® brand and commercial partner for the technology.

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