Pay attention to Green Tea Extract Dosage in Supplement

Today I read one article on I think I should share this with you. Because our products has green tea extract. This article is about green tea extract supplement, over dosage cause urgent liver transplant promote. Please pay attention on this. And you can take a look at this article here,

Green Tea is less processed than black tea and therefore it contains more flavonoids such as catechinsa nd epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which are strong anti-oxidants. from Nutritionist Dr. Laura Wyness. EGCG has many health benefits at lower levels, but has a risk of liver damage at higher dosage.

What is the dosage safe? probably you are very interested on this. 

” European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) conclued that while intake of green tea catechins from green tea infusions are generally safe, and there is potential risk for liver damage from supplementation with dosages above at 800mg per day. “

While in the green tea supplement market, we can found most of the green tea supplement containing green tea catechins to provide a daily dosage of EGCG in the range of 5-1000mg/day, for adult populations. 

Indeed there are some warnings in Europe on Green tea EGCG of cases liver damage. Thus we have also pay attention to the dosage and bring you the most health product with lower risk. 

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