Planting Base

Planting Base

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RDHealthIngredients has already set up a full range of supply chain from the raw material to our facilty production. Those planting base locates in the whole China, Where is the best origin growing place of those herb, according to Chinese Tradition Herb Medicine.

Location means everything.

What is Region Herb?

Region herb, it is synonymous with high quality Chinese herbal medicine, refers to the medicinal materials quality effect better, this concept is the result of production and the clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine, was confirmed by numerous clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, is originated from the ancient a discern high-quality unique comprehensive standard of Chinese herbal medicine quality, and also is the control the quality of medicinal materials in Chinese materia medica is a unique comprehensive judging standard, popular thought, Chinese drugs refers to a specific natural conditions and ecological environment of the area of medicinal materials, and production is concentrated, have certain cultivation technology and processing method, efficiency, high quality recognized by TCM clinical.

Our plant source from the original place, the first hand raw material and strictly controlled from the very beginning.

  • Mulberry leaf
  • Goji berry
  • Jiaogulan (Gynotemma)
  • Maca
  • Haematoccus Pluvalis
  • Green Tea
  • Paprika & Capsicum