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Environment Protection





RDHealthIngredients®’s business is inspired by nature. Respect for the environment is a natural choice for us, as well as a responsibility.

Environment Protection 

Environment protection advocated contains two aspects. On the one hand, we realize that the industrial development could not be achieved at the expense of environment. All of our manufacturing activities must be approved by the safety evaluation and environmental evaluation department of our state. The emissions of industrial production “three wastes” (waste water, waste gas, and waste residue) must be treated as qualified before discharge. On the other hand, during the management and production, we propose low carbon and energy conservation. We take every measure which is technically feasible, economically reasonable and environment and society acceptable to save resource and improve energy utilization. In order to maintain a harmonious relationship between humans and the environment, we advocate the rational use of resources, as well as preventing pollution and destruction of the environment.