Botanicals Industry In Shaanxi, Shaanxi Plant Extract Association

Shaanxi Plant Extract Association, consists of all the companies engaging in plant extract industry, to form and crest the rules of plant extract industry, from the production technology, manufacturing technical, exchanging the ideas of production technical, and refining the recent technology, to reach a win-win cooperation. RD Health Ingredients® is one of the member of Shaanxi Plant Extract Association. 

Recently, Shaanxi Plant Extract Association members visit the CAOTANG Indsutry Zone, a government-based area, provide the qualified environment protection area for those biological companies to set up the basement and lab area. Check the picture of the outlook of this zone.

At the same time, we visit the world-top class Third part testing center for botanicals industry. There are 865 kinds of Standard solution sample, can test more than 200 kinds of plant extract, to identify 23 kinds of plasticizing agents, 14 kinds of heavy mentals, and other regular testing. 

Thus RD Health Ingredients® has the advantage of providing qualified products to you, each product is testing before delivery.


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