Encouraging Preliminary Study supports Rhodiola Rosea Extract for Cognitive Benefits

Health Supplement contains Rhodiola Rosea Extract may boost mental speed and improve mental resources, states from a pilot study from a Germany company Rhodiola Rosea Extract For Cognitive Benefits.

” With regard to the attention network task, we found a marked reduction in overall reaction time from baseline to week 12 accompanied by a significant reduction in the executive effect, that is, the difference in reaction time to congruent and incongruent stimuli, a significant modulation of the orienting effect and reduction in error rate”

scientists from the University of Lubeck and Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH in Phytotherapy Reseach.

Growing interest

The potential cognitive benefits of Rodiola Rosea have been reported many times before. The primary health use of the herb has been for stress, mental and physical fatigue, depression and to boost energy. German scientist recently reported that Rhodiola Rosea Extract may also improve the symptoms of burnout, with considerable effects already being detectable after the first week. (Neurophsychiatric Disease and Treatment, Vol. 13, pp. 889-898)