Herbal Extract Manufacturing

Drying: A Practice For Conserving Natural Properties

Spray Drying is a very traditional process and is commonly applied for herb extraction, to distillates the active and lively compounds and do away with the moisture. This process not only removes moistness but also lessens the weight of a solid ingredient making it lighter and at the same time the shelf life is prolonged. White the heat point plays a very crucial role in this process, as it may modify the natural properties of the molecules. RDHealthIngredients has determined to apply the best innovative and modern methods keeping in pace with the new technologies to dry the products without losing the quality of the product.

And also Freeze drying is starting to be widely applied for fruit powder.

Extraction: How Infusion Takes Place On Manufacturing Scale

Extraction is a very vita step in the production. The process involves separation and removal of the significant properties from the plant. The clear raw material after the process of drying and grinding, is immersed in a solvent (water & ethanol) to validates its similarity with the extracted molecules. The presentation and selectivity of the extraction process is affected by several factors such as time management, temperature setting, pressure adjustment, and solvent selection. Subsequently, the crude extract is purified and used for the specific purpose in the same form or sometimes formulated to meet the necessities.

Our experienced and technical teams consistently create a perfectly appropriate solution for every one of our client’s products.

Purification: Process Through Extremely Advanced Proficiency

The primary function of the purification process is to sort out the molecules so that they may be exclusively separated independently or in groups. To discharge this procedure, crude extracts are first added to a liquid solution that pulls the molecules through a purifying stratagem. The purified actives are the molecules contained in the middle fractions. The target of the purification process, thus, is to remove unwanted and impure particles and at the same time concentrating the energetic substances. RDHealthIngredients adopts the best process of purification and innovative techniques leaving no room for impurities and unsolicited material.