Quality System At RDHealthIngredients Follows FDA CGMP Guidelines For Supplier Approval And Qualification

Farming And Raw Herb Suppliers Audits

Raw material controls is fully vital for our quality control systems and the complete control of our supply chain which assures our customers sustainable supplies of the highest quality.
In our supplier auditing system, we choose qualified suppliers, which is, only suppliers who can achieve the following items could have a chance to be our supplier:
– Raw Material Tracing Records
– Qualification / Certification
– Reliable Storage & Transportation

Production Trace-ability
RD Health Ingredients owns and maintains significant cultivation projects throughout China to control adequate supplies and proper agricultural base resulting in the best possible extraction yields. Our products have trace-ability from the field to the finish product

Advanced Technology Quality Control
Plant extracts must be standardized with strict quality controls to ensure consistent composition, safety, and potency. All the plant extracts manufactured by RD Health Ingredients undergo a very comprehensive series of tests for identity, purity and potency using international standards or in-house methods.

Our certificate of analysis includes standard results for marker compounds, heavy metals, pesticides, solvent residues, microbe as well as mesh distribution and bulk density. Additional testing can be done on customer’s request.Well- trained staff is dedicated to assure that all our products meet these standards before they are released for sale.

We could arrange the following tests to assure the quality of our products:

  • Species Identification (TLC, IR, HPLC)
  • Pesticide Residue Analysis (GC -C MS, HPLC, LC -C MS)
  • Heavy Metal Analysis (ICP -C MS)
  • ID Components Control ( HPLC, GC -C MS, LC -C MS, UV -CVIS)

You can benefit from us

  • ISO Certified Facility
  • Independent lab
  • Cooperated with Biological Lab from Shaanxi Normal University, Institute of Botany
  • The Third Party Testing Center, SGS/ Eurofins

The following is the list of Technical Documentation you can expect from us. Our endeavor is aimed at providing all above-mentioned documents with supporting evidence for the client’s approval before we supply any product to them.

  • Comprehensive Certificate of Analysis.
  • Technical Data Sheets (TDS) along with vital information regarding excipient, residual solvent, part of the plant used and country of origin.
  • Comprehensive Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).
  • Scientific Data in powerpoint slides or scientific papers to prove the use and efficacy of the ingredient.
  • Nutritional composition and value.
  • Allergen Fact Sheets along with allergen statements.
  • BSE/TSE statements along with supporting documents.
  • GMO-free statements.
  • Process flow charts.
  • Method of analysis for ID, potency/strength, and Purity Testing employed by manufacturers.
  • Halal and Kosher certifications for specific ingredients.