Pyrethrum Extract

Pyrethrum is the crude extract form obtained from flowers of the plant Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium. Pyrethrin refers to a more refined extract of pyrethrum. While pyrethrum extract is composed of 6 esters, both organic compounds mediate insecticidal activities. Pyrethrum-containing mixtures are used as a common insecticide to control specific pest species. Pyrethrum extract is also used to treat head, body, and pubic lice infections. The active compound is absorbed by the lice and destroys them by acting on their nervous systems but is thought to exert a minimal effect on humans.

CAS Number: 8003-34-7

Product NameSpecification
Pyrethrum Extract25%

Application: can serve as active ingredients in insecticidal formulations for indoor use, agricultural and also in industrial pest management

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