Paprika Oleoresin Paprika Red

Paprika Oleoresin
Paprika Oleoresin Paprika Extract Paprika Red from RDHealthIngredients

Paprika oleoresin is the combination of flavour and color principles obtained from red chili, the ground, dried pod of mild capsicum (Capsicum annuum L.) via extraction, using one or a combination of the Food approved solvents which are eventually removed. Although a variety of colored compounds are known to be present, the major coloring bio active of paprika oleoresin are capsanthin and capsorubin, which are a kind of carotenoid pigments, is widely used in food products(such as meat processing, sauce, snacks and etc), pharmaceutical , cosmetics, feeds and etc.

  • E 160c
  • INS No 160c(ii)
  • EINECS No. 207-364-1 (capsanthin); 207-425-2 (capsorubin)
  • CAS No. 465-42-9 (capsanthin); 470-38-2 (capsorubin)

Paprika Red is safe to be used as food color

  •  In the United States, paprika oleoresin is approved to be used as a color additive. (Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations part 73). 
  • In Europe, paprika oleoresin (paprika extract), and the compounds capsanthin and capsorubin are designated by E160c, have been defined in Annex II to Regulation IEC) No 1333/2008 on food additives. 
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EU Color ValueCN Color Value
E106,600 cu
E6040,000 cu
E10066,000 cu
E150100,000 cu
E212140,000 cu
Paprika Red
Oil Soluble Paprika Oleoresin Characteristics:
Dark red oily liquid, oil soluble, bright color with strong colouring, Soluble in organic solvents like oils, ethanol, acetic acid; 
Stable under light, heat and PH value. Low Heavy mental, Low Residual Solvent, gluten-free, Capsaicin ≤0.005%,750SHU 
Sudan I, Sudan II, Sudan III, Sudan IV, NEGATIVE all, Third party, Eurofins Test
Package: 5kg*4/Carton or 20kg*1/Carton (package details please check here, if you need customized package, please get contact with us.)
Storage: Our oil soluble paprika oleoresin should be stored in a well-container at room temperature and away from light, heat, oxygen, toxic substances.
Shelf Life: 18 months if stored under ideal conditions.
Application Note: Paprika Oleoresin are solvent extracted products. These material contain varying amount of fixed oils, resins, little amount of sugars, phosphatides, mucilages etc. as well as the constituents stimulating colour and flavour. These non flavor substances restrict and affects the storage period of oleoresin adversely because of phase separation, especially at winter season. To overcome these situations, it is recommended to warm the products to a temperature of 40-45°C and mix well before use.
Paprika Red

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