BT-11 Polygala tenuifolia Extract

BT-11 Polygala Tenuifolia Extract RDHealthIngredients
BT-11 Polygala Tenuifolia Extract

Polygala Tenuifolia Extract from Traditional Chinese Medicine Herb Yuan Zhi, Polygala tenuifolia (of the family Polygalaceae) is one of the 50 fundamental herbs, with the roots of the plant used primarily for the treatment of forgetfulness or amnesia. Yuan Zhi is the most used plant for ailments of the central nervous system in TCM (mostly forgetfulness and aging) and second most cited for memory enhancement (behind only Curculigo orchoides aka. xian mao).

Other names: polygala senega, Senega Root, Yuan Zhi, polygala tenuifolia, Chinese Senega, BT-11 extract

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BT-11 Extract
Polygala Tenuifolia Root Extract
10:1, 20:1
Botanic Source: Polygala tenuifolia Willd.
Part of Used: Root
Appearance: Light Yellow Fine Powder
Food Grade
Certificates: Kosher, Halal
Polygala Tenuifolia Extract
Extraction Method: Hot Water and Ethanol Solvent extraction, Vacuum-dried / Spray Drying
Application: BT-11 Extract, Polygala Tenuifolia Extract can be applied in Functional Foods, Functional Beverages, Dietary Supplements, Herbal blends, Tablets/Capsules. 
Storage and Package: Keep in cool and dry place of room temperature, out of direct light and heat; in 25kg/drum, plastic bag inside, or 1kg/aluminum foil bag;
Shelf life: 24 months within proper storage.
Polygala Tenuifolia Extract

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