Bitter Apricot Extract- Amygdalin

Apricot Seed Extract 98% Amygdalin from RDHealthIngredients

Bitter Apricot Extract Amygdalin, also known as laevomandelonitrile or laetrile, is isolated from the seeds of the tree Prunus dulcis, also known as bitter almonds. Since the early 1950s, a modified form of amygdalin has been promoted under the names laetrile and “Vitamin B 17” as a cancer cure. In reality, neither amygdalin nor any derivative such as laetrile is in any sense a vitamin.

Apricot seed extract Amygdalin is one of many natural things that can help in the fight against cancer. Bitter Apricot Extract Amygdalin has been widely used as an adjunct and also an alternative to conventional cancer treatment. Bitter Apricot Extract Amygdalin has been investigated as a cancer remedy in the USA since the 1920s. Bitter Apricot Extract Amygdalin has been studied for its ability to kill cancer cells without side effects, specifically for its effect on cancer cell apoptosis(programmed cell death).

Amygdalin Synonyms: Amandes d’Abricot, Amygdalin, Amygdaline, Amygdaloside, Amygdalus armeniaca, Apricot Almonds, Apricot Kernel Oil, Apricot Seed, Armeniaca vulgaris, Bitter Almonds, Bitter Apricot Kernel, Chinese Almond, Graine d’Abricot, Hueso de Albaricoque

  • CAS No.: 29883-15-6
  • Molecular Formula: C20H27NO11

Amygdalin is a nitrioliside, and is formed out of several main substances such as glucose, benzaldehyde and cyanide.

Buy Bitter Apricot Extract- Amygdalin From RDHealthIngredients

RD Health Ingredients® offer 100% Natural and pure 98% Apricot Seed Extract, contains 98% active ingredient Amygdalin, white fine powder, 100% pure. Please check the COA your reference.

Bitter Apricot Extract
– Amygdalin
Botanic Source: prunus armeniaca L.
Part of Used: Seed
Appearance: White Fine Powder
Hot Water and Ethanol Solvent extraction
Certificate: Halal, Kosher, Food Grade
Bitter Apricot Extract- Amygdalin
Applications: Bitter Apricot Extract- Amygdalin B17 is mainly applied as dietary supplement.
Storage and Package: Keep in cool and dry place, out of direct light and heat; in 25kg/drum, plastic bag inside, or 1kg/aluminum foil bag;
Shelf life: 24 months within proper storage.
Bitter Apricot Extract- Amygdalin

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