Super Fruit Powder

Super fruit powder RDHealthIngredients gathering all kinds of super fruit around the world, to offer you one-stop shopping mall. Taking advanced freeze-drying technology, maximize to keep fruit favor, nutrition and make it more flexible to be applied in beverage or nutraceutical products.
RDHealthIngredients Super Fruit are wildly cultivated in North Greater Khingan Mountains, which is one of the biggest primitive forest in Northeastern China. Dense forests cover the range. This eco-region is noted for its Daurian flora, which has influence from the adjacent Siberian and Manchurian floras. Its climate is cold temperate zone continental monsoon climate, harsh winter and warm summer, with a very obvious temperature difference between night and day. The annual average temperature is -2.8℃, and the lowest temperature is -52.3 ℃, the annual average precipitation 746 millimeters.

  • Wild Cultivation in North Greater Khingan Mountains
  • Instantaneous Spray Drying , Freeze Drying 
  • Multi Nutrions from Fruit
  • Natural color fruit powder


Wild raspberry RDHealthIngredients


rosehip RDHealthIngredients


Wild lingonberry RDHealthIngredients


Wild elderberry RDHealthIngredients


Wild Blueberry RDHealthIngredients

Butterfly pea flower 

blue butterfly pea flower powder RDhealthIngredients

Sea buckthorn

sea buckthorn RDhealthIngredients