Oleuropein Is Applied In Tooth Paste In China

RDHealthIngredients is a very important supplier of olive leaf extact in China, and has been engaging in olive leaf extract production, olive leaf extract active ingredients purification, o olive leaf extract application for many years. Once we have researched with one Spain oil facotry to develop one special olive oil to contain more oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol, to naturally promote olive oil function and nutrition to our daily food. 

Oleuropein from RDHealthIngredients

According to those years’ world request on olive leaf extract, more health care company, draw their attention to olive leaf extract oleuropein, no matter in Korea, US, and Europe, and China. People starts to accept oleuropein and take it as a supplement in our daily use. 

In China, oleuropein has been used in our toothpaste, as oleuropein has the property of anti-infammatory, anti-bacterial, applied in thoothpaste, for oral hygiene for eliminating or reducing bacterial plaque or bacterial in our mouth. 

Oleuropein has been widely used in cosmetics, food supplement, and has got the recognition of the health world industry. If you are interested, please contact with us for more information, and we can offer you free sample for your testing. contact with us rita@health-ingredients.com 


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