Natural ingredients for weight management

Weight management is always a heat topic for recent people life. In the market, there are a number of mechanisms od action for weight management ingredients, which include carb control, satiety, thermogenesis, lipolysis, inhibition of fatty acid synthesis, stimulation of fatty acid oxidation and brown adipose tissue. 

We will share some weight management ingredients here, for your reference. 

L-carnitine, an amino acid used to metabolize food into energy, as a supplement to aid to achieving weight management goals, the ingredient works by transporting long-chain fatty acid into the mitochondrial matrix foe beta-oxidation, explained Kevin Owen, Ph.D., through beta-oxidation, fats sites are used as an energy source, and L-carnitine is an essential player for transporting the fatty acids into the appropriate space. In short, L-carnitine supports the conversion of fat into metabolic energy. One study showed a four-week dose of L-carnitine (500mg/d), combined with motivation training, helped 24 overweight Japanese males lose significant amounts of weight. 

The group using supplementation lost about 1.1kgs compared to an increase in weight in the placebo group. researches noted the beneficial effects of L-carnitine were amplified by motivation training. 

Spinach extractcontaining green lead membranes called thylakoids (from Appethyl) revealed the ingredient increased weight loss by 43%, while also decreasing cravings for unhealthy foods by 95%. During the study, overweight women took eight 5g/d of the extracts or a control group lost an average of 3-5kg, while the thylakoids group lost 5Kg. the spinach extract  can help consumer control their appetites by slowing down the absorption of fat and glucose in the body, increasing the body’s satiety hormone and making consumers feel fuller for longer

We will update you some lately. While according to those experts, When the gut is healthy, and we have good production of satiety hormones, appetite is well-controlled  and therefore weight can be better controlled. 


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