Mushroom Triterpenoids

Mushroom Triterpenoids are the whose basic parent nucleus, is composed of 30 carbon atoms, which exist in plants in free form or in the form of glycoside or ester combined with sugar. In the Nature, there are many herb plants has the active ingredient of mushroom Triterpenoids, for example, ginsenosides can promote the biosynthesis of RNA proteins, regulate the metabolism of the body, and enhance the immune function. Bupleurum saponins have obvious central inhibition, anti – inflammation, reducing plasma cholesterol and triglyceride effect. Aescinoside has obvious anti – exudation, anti – inflammation, anti – congestion; Glycyrrhiza saponin can promote the adrenal corticosteroids, and can prevent and cure cirrhosis, anti-atherosclerosis, anti-ulcer; Ginsenoside Rh2 has anti-tumor activity.

Triterpenoids commonly exist in plants in free form or in the form of glycoside or ester combined with sugar, and most of them soluble in water and the aqueous triterpenoids solution oscillates to produce a lather similar to a soapy solution.

which mushroom has Triterpenoids?

Reishi Triterpenes

There are many triterpenes in reishi Ganoderma, the most popular being, ganoderic acids, lucidenic acids, and sterols.  In fact, in the last few decades, more than 140 triterpenes have been isolated from reishi fruiting bodies, spores, and mycelia.  Ganoderma triterpenes are generally acidic and have anti-inflammatory effects, but they also directly kill tumor cells. Ganoderma triterpenes only occurs as the strain matures, unlike polysaccharides, which are present at the outset. Triterpenes appear only when ganoderma lucidum matures. ganoderma lucidum triterpenes decompose easily when exposed to high temperature, so no matter in the process of detection or processing, the control of temperature will be a very important fact.

Mushroom Triterpenoids Health Benefits

Triterpenes consist of six isoprene units and have the molecular formula C30H48. They are typically in white crystalline form. These substances are biochemically complex and many have valuable medicinal properties.

  • strengthens stomach and digestive system
  • improve allergy
  • improve inflammation
  • improve tumor

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