Mixed Natural Color solutions demands Keep growing

The trend of natural pigment market in recent years is still bullish, according herbridge Currently, product solution.

Currently, product solutions is the latest form that meet the products trend of end demand, such as the mixed mode, The mixed natural pigment particularly popular in the field of food of our country, it have also application in the UK, South Korea, southeast Asia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and other countries and regions. And recently the United States also issued relevant policy that restricted the application of synthetic pigment in the field of food and health care products. There is no doubt that the measure provides a new opportunity for natural pigment market. In the products, tasteless radish red pigment still in research stage. The market growth rate of natural pigment mixed is 10% or so, mainly used by the domestic manufacturers in the field of food applications at the present. It is expected that the market will still keep increase in the future.

Even Lycored which main sales lycopene also launched formula products that conforms to the end demand this year, the Kemin also launched the lutein products supply scheme matching the fields of terminal food, health care products. Thus, adding and using the natural ingredients which accord with terminal product directly, including natural pigment, would lead to more plant extracts supplier will intensify research and development of this aspect, enhance their market competitiveness.

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