RD Health Ingredients Can Offer High Content Of Oleuropein from Olive Leaf

Finally we get a very successful lab production, here is olive leaf extract 70%, contains 70% oleuropein. It can be used for cosmetics, dietary supplement, for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungals. 

Olive Leaf Extract 70%

Olive Leaf extract Oleuropein Product Info

– Active Ingredient: Oleuropein 

– Purity: ≥70% 

– Testing method: HPLC 

– Appearance: light yellow fine powder

– Solubility: Glycerin soluble, organic solvent soluble, slight soluble in water

RD Health Ingredients also can offer other purity of oleuroepin, more details please review olive leaf extract product page, https://www.health-ingredients.com/herbal-extract/olive-leaf-extract.html and you can also send my E-mail for your product special request, email us. 


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