Four Species Of Goji Berry (Wolfberry) Planting Area In China

Goji Berry has a very long history application in TCM, its Chinese name Go Qi Zi, dried goji berry. According to Ben Cao Gang Mu, Ningxia goji has the pharmaceutical use. The following we are describing about the source of goji berry from China.

Super Ningxia Goji Berry

For Ningxia special saline-alkali land, long sunshine duration, 10 hours. In such special environment, Ningxia goji berry contains highest nutrition for pharmaceutical use, high polysaccharides, more than 5%; Small Oval size, Floating on the water usually.  Harvest time: from later June to earlier August. Ningxia goji berry Super quality, are highly welcomed by the world, easy to store. RD Health ingredients® offer the best goji berry extract powder from this species goji berry, water extraction, spray drying into powder, to concentrate the goji berry nutrition. 

Inner Mongolina Goji Berry

Mongolia goji berry has a big round size, good taste of the fruit. Harvest time is from Later July. 

Qinghai Goji Berry

Qinghai Goji berry has much longer harvest time, in the August. because of the low temperature in Qinghai. Big Berry goji, while hard to dried. When met the high temperature, goji berry will be sticked together. Long way transportation should be highly awarded about this point. But Qinghai Goji berry has low pesticide.

Xinjiang Goji Berry

Xinjiang goji berry also has a very big round size, not like Ningxia small and long berry. While it also has a big problem of storage. Need cool and out of light place.

For Medical or food supplement, we all use Ningxia goji berry, as this is the origin source of goji berry to be used as supplement since thousands year ago in TCM. Please review our goji berry product, find the one you need.

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