Five Tendency of Functional Juice/ beverage

1. Cold-pressed juice is the best

Natural, organic and non-GMO products fruit juice is getting the mainstream. Cold-pressed juice increased 84% in the past one year, and Europe will become and the second largest consuming market after the United States.And the top five consuming countries are USA, UK, Germany, France and Switzerland. 

2. The color standards for the ingredient

Dark-green refers to the vegetable beverage, and red is fruit beverage, which is more and more popular.

3. Detoxifying beverage

Nourishing juice without processing is becoming welcomed in recent year. Rawpothecary’s detoxifying beverage Dandi mix dandelion, pineapple, mangosteen and coconut milk together.

4. Health Vegetable beverage becoming new fashion

More and more vegetables become the ingredints of drinks. For example, pumpkin, chickpea, apium graveolens and curly kale have nothing to do with drinks in the Past, but now they are completely different. The ingredients of the drinks The River of Life from Chuice company includes many herbs, nuts and seeds.

5. New favorite Mixed juice

Coconut milk mixes with juice, aloes Vera juice mixes with mango juice and some other combination will be more fashionable in the coming years. 


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