DNA Testing for Botanical Products from RD Health Ingredients

Herb DNA Testing For Botanical Products

DNA testing CAN identify whole raw plant species…but there are shortcomings to relying on DNA testing alone to validate ID and product efficacy. A single test is never enough, as we must identify the species, plant part and the active ingredient, then we can guarantee the right products we are looking for. RD Health Ingredients, all botanical products, have very obvious and correct botanic source, clear part of used, and also the right active ingredients to meet your product requirement. All those products before sending must be identified and tested in the right position, to maintain our clients product quality up!! 

RD Health Ingredients: How to identify our products, 

  • Level 1 – Organoleptic characterization on crude raw material, by macroscopy & microscopy, Odor/ taste. 
  • Level 2- Chemical characeterization on crude raw material and/or botanical extract, by HPLC, HPTLC. 
  • Level 3- Gene Material characterization on crude raw material and sometimes botanical extract, DNA testing.