Consumers Turn to ‘Regular’ Foods for Weight Management

Report From New Nutrition Business

The weight management market may have reached its tipping point. In 2015, big brands such as Weight Watchers and Special K will likely continue to see decreases in sales, according to “10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition and Health 2015,” the new food and health trend forecast from New Nutrition Business.

“Consumers are switching to regular foods to maintain weight wellness, which is creating a wealth of opportunities for big brands and entrepreneurs alike,” said Julian Mellentin, author of the report. “People’s desire to maintain a healthy weight and a trim figure is the biggest influence on the key trends in food and health, driving many of the trends in this report. Improving digestive health and avoiding a bloated stomach to maintain a good figure are key reasons why people adopt, for example, a gluten-free or lower-gluten diet, avoiding refined carbs and trying to consume more good grains.” 

Consumers are increasingly interested in high-protein foods, “good” carbs and fats, gluten-free items and dairy products, according to the report. They are also avoiding products with added sugars and “bad” carbs, affecting brands such as Cheerios, which recently experienced sales decreases of 5 percent. On the other hand, sales of oats and ancient grains are currently soaring.

Recommend Weight Management Ingredients, 

Ø    Lotus leaf Nuciferine 2% 10% 

Ø    Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) 60% 70% 

Ø    Green Coffee bean extract chlorogenic acid 10%-50% 

Ø    Senna Leaf extract 6%, 8%, 20% 

Ø    Green tea extract tea polyphenols 50% 95% 

Ø    Piperine 50%~99% 

Ø    Synephrine 98%

Ø    Goji berry polysaccharides 20%~50%


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