CFDA stop to issue GMP certificates to herbal extracts manufacturer

In regulations No.135 (2014), CFDA stop to issue manufacturing license and GMP certificates for Herb extracts.That is to the related manufacturers and factories.Instead,a record of the technical information is required from 29th July of 2014

However, CFDA said all the herb extracts should be produced according to the GMP requirements. The manufacturers have the responsibility to ensure the compliance of GMP.

We check the database in CFDA website. Up to now, only a few kinds of herb extracts have got the GMP certificate in China. The products types are Milk thistle extracts, Ginkgo biloba extracts, Licorice extracts⋯. But according to the new announcement, new GMP certificates will not be issued after the existing expired.

Even now no official GMP certificated is required for Chinese herb extracts, but we, RDhealthIngredients, deeply insist that, all our products are manufactured to implement the GMP requirements.

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