CFDA Bring New Rule For The Drug Registration

CFDA has noticed the importance of updating the rule of drug registration, as recent years, there are plenty of drug entering into the market, no matter from Domestics and International company.

  • The government accelerate their processing time, and simplify their routine. The registration documents will be investigation in 5 working days. And the unqualified documents only has one-time revisement, otherwise, it will be denied and return back to the applicant.   
  • According to the CFDA, the whole registration proceed will be in 30 days, after the paper pre investigation. The paper investigation, registration filed check, production check, sample check, and the authorized drug check institution for the re-qualifying. All of those procedure must be coordinated with the COFD Policy, otherwise denied. 
  •  For the imported Drug, if it is not decided or not formed specified production process or technical, it will proceed in the special way, according to the CFDA approval center. 

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