Capsaicinoids Natural ingredients for weight management

Capsaicinoids, components of chili peppers, have been known to aid weight loss by stimulating energy expenditure through thermogenesis, or the production of heat in the body. Doyle explained that capsaicinoids appear to have an effect on brown adipose tissue (BAT), which plays a role in energy metabolism by buring fat to produce heat when the body is exposed to cold. A 2013 study reported ingestion of 9mg/d of capsinoids for six weeks increased cold-induced increments of energy expenditure in subjects with “metabolically” active BAT. Researchers examined the effects of stimulation by cold and capsinoids in human subjects with low BAT activity. The results indicated capsinoids activate BAT and increase enery output, which many help decrease body fat. 

In a similar fashion, dihydrocapsiate, which also comes from the capsinoid family, is found naturally in non-pungent sweet peppers. Dihydrocapsiate is 1,000-times less pungent than capsaicin, according to Jeremy Bartos, scientific and regulatory affairs manager, Glanbia Nutritionals (producer of CapsiAtraTM) dihydrocapsiate). This means consumption will not lead to buring in mouth or throat, and it will notcause ingigestion issues. Like capsaicin, dihydrocapsiate can help boost metabolism, leading to an increase in fat burning. One study showed a month of supplementation with either 3mg/d or 9mg/d doses of dihydrocapsiate had a thermogenic effect of about 50kcal/d. To better understand dihydrocapsiate’s effect on metabolism, Bartos explained how to measure one’s energy-burning rate through resting energy expenditure (REE).


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