New Health Products Super Star Probiotics for Gut health

In the market there are many kinds of probiotics products, and it is not just alone, it combined with other plant source products, such as ginger extract, olive leaf extract, fruit powder, insulin, and other fiber to offer more essential nutrition to our gut.

FSA invites comments on novel food application for cycloastragenol

RD Health Ingredients® gather the professional biologists, and univeristies professors to make research on the extraction technology to get purest cycloastragenol and trying to find a technology to low down the cost, to make more people take this ingredient. More information, please get contact with us.

How Tongkat Ali Extract Increase the Sex Drive

The active ingredient in Tongkat Ali root is Eurycoma Longifolia, this works by stimulating natural testosterone production and also blocking the negative feedback cycle that occurs when your testosterone level reaches its natural peak.