Our Certification

Certification- enhancement to Our food safety

ISO 9001, Kosher, Halal, Eufofins, SGS

Certification ensures the integrity of production process as well as compliance with food safety standards for manufacturing food products. Assurance of the safety and quality of food are important considerations for consumers. Certification is an important aspect of our food safety management system, which increases our customers’ confidence for safe/quality food products to develop trade relations.

Certification- keep our product high standard

ISO 9001, Eurofins, SGS

We promise all of the products from RDHealthIngredients™ will be top quality, meeting or exceeding your expectations.

ISO 9001
ISO 9001
Eurofins test report for Capscium Oleoresin
Eurofins Test Report for Paprika Oleoresin
SGS test for Gynostemma leaf Extract
SGS Test Report of Gynostemma
Eurofins test report for Yohimbine bark extract
Eurofins Test Report for Yohimbe Bark Extract
USDA Organic Certificate
NOP Organic Certificate