Phycocyanin( spirulina Blue )

Phycocyanin is a water-soluble natural pigment extracted from Spirulina of blue-green algae.

Phycocyanin is similar to that contained in the bile in our human body. It is sent to the duodenum with bile, oxidized during metabolism, returned to the intestinal wall, reacted with iron and turned into hemoglobin. These things and safety tests have proved that Spirulina blue pigment is safe as food.

  • Botanic Source: Cyanobacteria
  • Application: Pigment, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics.
Product NameColor ValueComposition
Phycocyanin E18(10% E618nm) ≥ 180 unit Phycocyanin 25%
Trehalose  30%
Trehalose 5%
Phycocyanin E18(10% E618nm) ≥ 250unit Phycocyanin 50%
Trehalose 5%

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